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The Power of YOUR Feet: Piezoelectricity and Conquering Water

What could you do with your feet? Walking? Yes. Running? Yes. So, do you know that you could even make environmental friendly electricity with your feet? Forget about those old techniques when you have to cycle a weird bicycle to generate electricity for a lamp. Now, you could produce electricity by simply stepping on them!

Meet the era of Piezoelectricity! While human population keeps increasing, these piezoelectric materials could convert the mechanical stress from your step into something useful: a source of real power. Imagine if lots of crowded walking paths like streets at Hong Kong could implement this technology. We could be a kind of walking power plants!

Nope, not only that. With your feet, you could also conquer the water. It’s not like those ordinary running sports; it’s the art of walking on the water! I’m not talking about the impossible mission but there are several people who have tried this unique sport for their own lifestyle. Meet the water walkers.

As you see, we could always do more with our feet. We could be the savior of the world by simply doing the green habit and green sports. How about a try?