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Why They Suggest You to Analyze Productivity

I just analyzed my productivity in the last 30 days period and this graph reveals my productivity as a freelance writer. The payment made weekly but sometimes there is no certain rule about that. So, how do I calculate it?

First, I always note down every payment I received. Then I calculate how many days I took to do the works and make the certain amount of payment, for the example 7 days (one week). Then I divided the payment with 7 so I got the average number of payment per day. Finally, I could get the graph of average payment per day. That’s how I made this.

The red and blue lines are both symbolize different primary clients. After I calculated the average payment for each day, then I could sum the number to get the GREEN line which is the most important line. This line reveals the actual graph of my productivity. As you see, those three lines are quite similar which shows that I’m working pretty equivalently. I don’t try to prioritize the blue line because they offer me higher payment. I just realized this because I analyze the graph. But, I haven’t succeeded to figure out why those lines went down very drastically. But at least this graph made me a little bit happy because I (almost) made my way back to the normal rate. Actually, this graph motivates me a lot to reach the peak again, or even pass the previous peak. I think this is why they suggest you to analyze productivity. You could measure how much did you do and decide whether a strategy is helpful or not.