Years Passed By..

I don’t know how much I changed since my previous post here. If I recall it correctly, it was the time when I haven’t even started my University classes. Now I’m just a step away from my Engineering degree. There are lots of stories, some struggles, some inspiring moments, and most importantly numerous experiences. I can’t possibly update all of them here, but let’s just focus on the current and the future.


Besides my engineering activities, I’ve been developing some other skills including digital painting (2D, 3D), and languages. I began learning Korean about one year ago, and Japanese just about half a month. I think it’s great for professional communication purposes and entertainment stuffs as well. Let’s see what could I post from this moment onwards.


Stairway to Success

It’s not about being perfect, but focusing on the talents and do best efforts to save you from your weakness.

Time Flies When We Don’t Realize

Sometimes we feel that time flies. But actually time flies because we are not careful enough to take care our own time.

Sometimes I feel that I don’t have enough time but I just realized something.. I realized that I could easily spend my time for things that I don’t really need and it’s not what I want as well.

For the example, today I have to prepare myself to meet the mid-term tests but my hands are just too itchy to stitch. But finally I didn’t focus on my study and I didn’t stitch as well. That shows me that sometimes I could make my time has a higher value if I could be more careful and try to appreciate my time.

Newest Presentation about Enhanced Ebooks

Figuring Out My Mind

It’s eleven in the night and I decided I couldn’t work tonight. Even though usually I could pace my writing until the time pass midnight, but it doesn’t same this time. I’m a little bit tired, not because I’m just arrived home but because I demand something else. I want to do what I want. I think it’s quite a simple request, but it won’t be simple if you don’t know what you want. That’s the problem.

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Walk It Out Wii – For A Healthier Me!

I’m so glad to find the Wii Walk It Out and now I’m playing it as a daily routine. Just like most people in this world, I love to walk around. But unfortunately the scenery is not always nice. I’m living in the middle of place where juvenile delinquencies happen everyday. It’s not nice but I have to find the ways to make myself a healthier person, in my way. Writing all day is just not something that will make me healthy, so I’m very lucky to find this game! It’s so surprising because I found this game accidentally in the store.

The idea is quite brilliant. The Walk It Out (usually called WIO by the fans) gives everybody a chance to walk in accordance with the tune. To collect chips, you must walk to the rhythm. Those chips are very powerful because you could purchase various objects and songs pieces thoughout the island. There are cars, hotels, buildings, trees, bridges, and lots of the others.

It’s fun because it’s a different experience when you walking on different time. It’s not only the matter of the light, but it’s also about the objects. Many various songs just could be found on a particular time but there is also a magic time which enables you to walk at any time you want so you don’t have to walk in the middle of midnight just for hunting some new objects.

Check out the awesome trailer! As you see, with just a nunchuk and the remote, you could walk throughout the island! Come get healthier with me!

Internet Problem Resolved!


Finally my internet problem has resolved. Since tomorrow I could do my daily post and routine again! Yay.