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Poem: Stack of Time

For those who are searching for stack of time, to live their dreams, passions, and life. Know that you are not alone, and definitely we are not alone. I’m not feeling proud as a kind of procrastinator, maybe. With so many works await. But for that reason, I’m writing this. As a confession, as well as a truth to be told.
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Tom Dice: Me and My Guitar (2010 – Single)

Dream, Hope, and Companion

Everyone must be pursuing something in this world, sometimes it’s just one dream and sometimes there are lots of dreams. That’s why each of us doing our routine, just to make sure that we are on our way to reach our dreams. Through this song, Tom Dice reminds us that there is so much obstacles that might slow down your steps. “I’m not afraid to change my dreams,” the lyric said. Yes, most people won’t be afraid to change their dreams because they thought there are another dreams they could get. But, what if you said the same thing towards all of your dreams?

This song tells us about hope. Like every other musicians, Tom hopes that his songs will be played and sung by his fans. We are all hoping for the same thing, a brilliant success. But, the road is not easy. Sometimes you could lost your motivation, sometimes there are hard circumstances of your life. So, Tom Dice offers you something different, a solution. The key is the companion. For writers, it might be you and your computer, but for Tom: it’s him and his guitar. Yes, a strong relationship with something or someone could help us to survive the obstacles and reach our dreams.

For the sweet example is Tom Dice. He is going to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, located in Oslo. He’s 20 now. Eight years before he started to write his own song. At fifteen he started a band named The Dice. That’s why Tom Eeckhout, which is his birth name, is now called Tom Dice. Most of us think that we are not talented in something and decided to quit, but the truth is: we just need to wait and keep it longer. Tom Dice needs 8 years of efforts to make his current success, how about us? This is definitely not the matter of how early you begin on something, but how many efforts you could make. This “Me and My Guitar” song has been listed on the Belgium Singles Top 50 for 9 weeks and even reached the number one for one week. While there’s a peak and there’s the low point, this song reminds us about the importance of dream, hope, and even a companion. He once decided to sell his guitar, but later on he made a correct decision by trying to get it back. It’s now our time to get our spirit, back on the track.

Poem: For The Forgotten One

This poem is dedicated for those who feels forgotten, who feels left alone, and who feels like no body care. Many people looks like they concern about the others while there is no actual evidence which able to support the nice words from their mouth. This is about the forgotten one, and still, no body remember.

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The Seven Fields of Aphelion: Periphery (2010)

The Fortune Cookie Sensation

It’s not an ordinary album; it’s like a fortune cookie. You will never know what  you will get because the album came out with a random photo artwork from “The  Seven Fields of Aphelion” themselves. While the official release date on stores  and iTunes is on 16th February 2010, the pre-order has begun almost a month  before on 28th January 2010 and lots of people have been waiting for the album  and the unusual artwork. This marketing strategy might be a pleasant inspiration  towards numerous musicians who want to combine their music with the  photography element. While writers have been trying to bring their books  together with CDs, maybe some musicians will provide their CDs with a book.  Who knows?

The Seven Fields of Aphelion has their own online store on the which sells their artwork at around $14.00 each. They are all taken on 35mm film, and the announcement said that they are not digitally altered. Quite amazing, their artwork combined the tidy progression of things with the combination of multiple elements. By the time this article published on, their transaction through etsy has reached 96.

Speaking of their music is a little bit confusing. You will meet another kind of ambient music. They use the piano and vintage synthesizers to make the fragile sound of the nature while giving the multiple repetitions with various elements. This make the music sounds unique, but in the same time, a little bit confusing and homogenous.

Danielle de Niese: The Mozart Album

Danielle de Niese: Giving a New Touch for Opera MusicDanielle de Niese - The Mozart Album


With a full soul, this Australian-born lyric soprano could bring you to the  magic of opera music. Her amazing voice could travel over your mind and  give you a perfect harmony of pleasure. Her talent has already showed up at  the age of 9 where she won The Young Talent Time. Born in 1979, Danielle  de Niese won an Emmy Award when she was only 11! Her complete  interpretation of music allows you to explore your own imagination, driving  the melody of life. I’m not an expert in classical music, but a general listener  could easily find the beauty of opera music through her special talent.

“A stage natural with a thrillingly bright and flexible soprano she can use  for any effect she likes.”—Wall Street Journal

Danielle de NieseAbout The Mozart Album

Her recording deal with Decca Music Group not only produced Handel Arias, her first album which I still couldn’t find around here, but also her second, the amazing The Mozart Album which was released around the end of 2009.

The Mozart Album is the collaborative effects from Sir Charles Mackerras and Danielle, and also included with a duet track with the superb Welsh bass-baritone, Bryn Terfel. “La ci darem la mano” is an ultimate bonus that could be found in this album.

As the youngest singer to enter the Metropolitan Opera’s Lindermann Young Artist Development Program at the age of just 18, Danielle de Niese able to bring Mozart’s music to our modern life. Her sweet voice could be found at all the 12 tracks from this album. All of them are so exciting! As the classical instruments and orchestra blends with her natural yet extraordinary voice, get ready to close your eyes and be amazed!

The Pleasure Part of Yahoo Answers!

Although I’ve been using my Yahoo mail for years, I just checked out their Yahoo Answers lately. Well, I just signed up about a few days ago and now I’m on my way to reach Level 3! That’s so exciting!

But this time, we are going to talk about the pleasure part of Yahoo Answers, that makes a lot of people checking the site daily, and even became a top contributors at some part.

It’s not only about the knowledge

Some of us might think that knowledge is something boring. Yes, tomorrow I’ll have a test and preparing myself to face it is a boring activity. But, at Yahoo Answers, they give us more than just a knowledge. Just like another social networks, the more you get friends, you will get more answers. That happens if you love to ask about anything. But if you just love to answer somebody else’s questions, then friends will help you reach more “Best Answers”.

I’ve met some people that think they didn’t get enough answers so they felt disappointed and keep making new questions with some link to their previous questions. Or even give a brief answer at somebody else’s questions with the link attached as a source (even it contains nothing similar to the question). Speaking of junkers, you must also be prepared to face some people, recommend some suspicious sites without any will to answer your problem. Hmm, every system has its own problem, right?

The Art of Pleasure

The main key of Yahoo Answers is the pleasure when you succeed to answer a question. You will feel like you’ve helped somebody out there, and sometimes you deserve a “Best Answer”. When you get your answer voted (by voters) or picked (by the author), your answer will become a “Best Answer”. Not only you will receive a complimentary 10 points (that’s quite huge!), a joyful mail, and also a pleasure.

Some people said that humans have a great ego that cause them to think about their self all the time. But the truth is: the feel that you’ve helped somebody and the pleasure you receive because of it, will bring you happiness! Yes, we could see the Art everywhere, even from the oddest experience! Have a nice day!

Unique Diet Trend: Eat With Your Camera!

Believe it or not, sometimes diet could help us to be healthier, or worse. This time, let’s see from the good side of food!

How many times do you upload your photos to the internet in one day? Once? Twice? Your motivation could be so many. From profile picture to note of your journey today. But uniquely, some of us has tried the newest eating trend: Eat With Your Camera!

Is it great? Try first.. Maybe you have done it regularly. Not only useful to forget about your hungriness for the first time you saw the food, Eat With Your Camera trend is very fun to be done.

How to do that?

Have you ever joined the Flickr group: “I Ate This”? It’s full of food photos. Capturing the food before you eat it won’t only reduce your over-apetite but also useful for making a diet journal. You won’t ever captured two jars of Nutella and said “I’m on a diet!” as your Facebook status, right? Yes.. This time, the diet must go on!

We’re not alone, anyway!

Many people has tried this new breaking trend. Just imagine! Flickr group “I Ate This” has over than 300.000 photos from 19.000 different members! What a big number! (Can you imagine all of them uploading delicious photos to the net? Sounds yummy!) Right, we’re definitely not alone. This trend has already became a news. Look for the article from New York Times: First Camera, Then Fork.

What to capture?

A lot of things! We don’t have to go eating outside just to look for some photogenic food, but how about trying some real food like what Dr. Ir. Muhammad Ahkam Subroto always says through his book: “Real Food True Health”, it’s surely fun! Don’t forget to capture glasses of juice as your light snack in the afternoon. If you don’t know what kind of juice you must make, try to read this book: “Ensiklopedi Juice: Buah dan Sayur Untuk Penyembuhan”, it’s in Indonesian language but worth to read since there’s also an English version of it and got the New York Times #1 Bestseller Science & Medical Books.

So, what are you waiting for? Capture your foods! 😀 Don’t forget, if you go eating outside and you met a nice restaurant, take a picture of the dishes (if allowed) and it could be a nice content for! Or you could send them for me! Hahaha! I can’t wait for a lot of delicious foods! (I hope I could feel full after looking at them!) 😀