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Antiquated Reminiscence

As implausible as it could be, a reminiscence could be an interesting form to visualize justification for the things done in past. Opprobrious acts, vicissitudes, or even somber experiences could be retold in myriad ways. This method provides a better perspective or even less guilt pressure towards the narrator, which could be a kind of psychological therapy. These antiquated stories could be retold over and over to create belie illusions and a quixotic version of what had happened. Sometimes we could even become cognizant that some reminiscences have pretentious sides to demand commendations from the listeners, even if the listeners only listen or reluctantly giving attention because of propriety.

antiquated = outdated
reminiscence = stories about the past
implausible = not convincing
justification = acceptable reason of doing something
opprobrious = offensive
vicissitude = unpleasant change of fortune
somber = gloomy
myriad = countless
belie = to give false impression of
quixotic = idealistic
cognizant aware of something
pretentious = showy
commendation = praise
propriety = good manner

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3 Simple Things to Get The HOPE Back

Searching for hope might sounds so difficult for hopeless people. If you are currently searching for something that could lift you up in no time, then you came to the right path. I will supply you with 3 extremely simple things you could do when you feel empty and you think you need more hope for your life. With so many pressures around you have to revive yourself quick but sometimes it’s not easy to be done.

First step: Turn On The Music! Bernward Koch – Gentle Spirit Album will be great for you to reduce various "the best relaxation music"tensions because the songs will make you feel much calmer than before. If you find they are too sad for you, you could also bring up Danielle de Niese – The Mozart Album. Her beautiful voice will bring your imagination away in no time. Focus on those songs and close your eyes gently. After you are feeling better, you could step to the next step.

Second step: Today is SO BEAUTIFUL! Turn on your computer again, relax yourself. Log on to GMH ( because you will receive lots of reasons to say that your day is so beautiful today! I’m not someone from the site but there are lots of people (including me) who have received the magic of that site, and you will certainly be the next one.

"Awesome Book"Final step: Time for a little bit fun. There are 1000 Awesome Things you could meet at the unique site: which could tell you that even simple things could make you feeling so AWESOME! If you are feeling tired with websites, you could also enjoy The Book of Awesome when you get the time. So, after a brief supply for your heart, it’s time to get back into the work to complete your wonderful day!

The Power of YOUR Feet: Piezoelectricity and Conquering Water

What could you do with your feet? Walking? Yes. Running? Yes. So, do you know that you could even make environmental friendly electricity with your feet? Forget about those old techniques when you have to cycle a weird bicycle to generate electricity for a lamp. Now, you could produce electricity by simply stepping on them!

Meet the era of Piezoelectricity! While human population keeps increasing, these piezoelectric materials could convert the mechanical stress from your step into something useful: a source of real power. Imagine if lots of crowded walking paths like streets at Hong Kong could implement this technology. We could be a kind of walking power plants!

Nope, not only that. With your feet, you could also conquer the water. It’s not like those ordinary running sports; it’s the art of walking on the water! I’m not talking about the impossible mission but there are several people who have tried this unique sport for their own lifestyle. Meet the water walkers.

As you see, we could always do more with our feet. We could be the savior of the world by simply doing the green habit and green sports. How about a try?

Why They Suggest You to Analyze Productivity

I just analyzed my productivity in the last 30 days period and this graph reveals my productivity as a freelance writer. The payment made weekly but sometimes there is no certain rule about that. So, how do I calculate it?

First, I always note down every payment I received. Then I calculate how many days I took to do the works and make the certain amount of payment, for the example 7 days (one week). Then I divided the payment with 7 so I got the average number of payment per day. Finally, I could get the graph of average payment per day. That’s how I made this.

The red and blue lines are both symbolize different primary clients. After I calculated the average payment for each day, then I could sum the number to get the GREEN line which is the most important line. This line reveals the actual graph of my productivity. As you see, those three lines are quite similar which shows that I’m working pretty equivalently. I don’t try to prioritize the blue line because they offer me higher payment. I just realized this because I analyze the graph. But, I haven’t succeeded to figure out why those lines went down very drastically. But at least this graph made me a little bit happy because I (almost) made my way back to the normal rate. Actually, this graph motivates me a lot to reach the peak again, or even pass the previous peak. I think this is why they suggest you to analyze productivity. You could measure how much did you do and decide whether a strategy is helpful or not.

Webinar: Freelancing for More Money

Yesterday, Writer’s Digest gave a fantastic treat for their fans at facebook and I’m one of the lucky fans to receive the free webinar. It’s about freelancing for more money and I just implemented some of the tips for today. The results are amazing! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

A Video Worth 1500 Hours of Process

Are you brave enough to spend 1500 hours for a single video? That’s about 62.5 days, which means it’s even more than 2 full months of hard work! So this is what Rymdreglage produced with the 1500 hours. Check this 8 Bit Trip music video. You could also listen on the works at Spotify or iTunes. Enjoy!

Want to produce the same quality of work? Prepare 1500 hours then! 🙂 This shows us that time is not the limit, but it’s the matter of the will.