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A Day As An Engineer: A Journey to Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

This is my first post for MAE (Me As Engineer) category for my blog. Well, I’m still waiting for the University classes to begin so I have been working as freelance writer for around a month. It’s so fun! Writing everyday makes my life feels awesome, it’s like running from those deadlines to save my life! (Correction: my career)

Yes, being an engineer is one of my biggest passions in life. I’m feeling very glad because today I got the chance to get involved in a real project. I brought a camera with me so I’ll try to post the pictures later when I get the time. Now, I’m feeling a little bit tired even though my dad even didn’t allow me to do any big task. But, he explained me the whole process. I’m feeling extremely happy and enjoy the whole day.

Well, the product we shipped to the manufacturer is not related with plastic sheet machines but I got the chance to take some pictures of their real machines! Lucky me, this is Sunday which means there is no manufacturing process. So, I could understand what kind of process they implement to get rolled plastic sheets from the raw plastic seeds! Ups, speaking about this reminds me that I haven’t posted further information about the Webinar: Freelancing for More Money, right? Yes, I’ll write more about these two when I get the chance. Now I’m going to enjoy my weekend because I rarely get the time. Have a great weekend!