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우리 가족은 지난 여름에 (…) 여행을 다녀왔어요.

A. 가장 = most, best

B. 아직 = so far

C. 아주 = very

D. 함께 = together, along with


The answer: D.함께



가족 = family

지난 = last

여름 = summer

여행 =  travel

다녀오다 = go and get back


Years Passed By..

I don’t know how much I changed since my previous post here. If I recall it correctly, it was the time when I haven’t even started my University classes. Now I’m just a step away from my Engineering degree. There are lots of stories, some struggles, some inspiring moments, and most importantly numerous experiences. I can’t possibly update all of them here, but let’s just focus on the current and the future.


Besides my engineering activities, I’ve been developing some other skills including digital painting (2D, 3D), and languages. I began learning Korean about one year ago, and Japanese just about half a month. I think it’s great for professional communication purposes and entertainment stuffs as well. Let’s see what could I post from this moment onwards.