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Antiquated Reminiscence

As implausible as it could be, a reminiscence could be an interesting form to visualize justification for the things done in past. Opprobrious acts, vicissitudes, or even somber experiences could be retold in myriad ways. This method provides a better perspective or even less guilt pressure towards the narrator, which could be a kind of psychological therapy. These antiquated stories could be retold over and over to create belie illusions and a quixotic version of what had happened. Sometimes we could even become cognizant that some reminiscences have pretentious sides to demand commendations from the listeners, even if the listeners only listen or reluctantly giving attention because of propriety.

antiquated = outdated
reminiscence = stories about the past
implausible = not convincing
justification = acceptable reason of doing something
opprobrious = offensive
vicissitude = unpleasant change of fortune
somber = gloomy
myriad = countless
belie = to give false impression of
quixotic = idealistic
cognizant aware of something
pretentious = showy
commendation = praise
propriety = good manner