Figuring Out My Mind

It’s eleven in the night and I decided I couldn’t work tonight. Even though usually I could pace my writing until the time pass midnight, but it doesn’t same this time. I’m a little bit tired, not because I’m just arrived home but because I demand something else. I want to do what I want. I think it’s quite a simple request, but it won’t be simple if you don’t know what you want. That’s the problem.

A part of me thinking of practicing the Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 Number 1 (you could listen to the song through a youtube video below but it wasn’t my recording), while another part keep urging me to read a text book. The other parts remind me to open up my French Verb workbook, while there is also another sound that asks: how about the upcoming deadline? Won’t you want to finish some of them because tomorrow you must go to school to pick up the graduation certificate? Nice. So, how could I decide which one I should do?

First, I know that I must analyze each option to determine which one is the best one. Writing this piece of writing isn’t a mistake. This is a process I must follow to map out my mind, I’m certain for this one. Begin from the first. Practicing the piano at 11 P.M. is a bad idea. My nephew is sleeping and his mom and his grandma will shout at me in no time.

Next one is the text book. I know that it’s very interesting. There are some points I want to browse about and it’s also a good idea to gather some information before I go to the 2 consecutive days of full meetings and conferences. It’s now 15 and I still have tomorrow to get prepared. With a full schedule for tomorrow, will it be sufficient? I don’t think so. On the other hand, even though I decided to do the little research tonight I won’t get some useful information that will drastically help me at the meetings.

Now, it’s about the French Verb workbook. This one is not urgent, even though I want to do it. While it’s not the main priority, let’s move to the last sound. The deadline is waiting but my mind is blocking. Even though I could write a few sentences before the midnight, it won’t be good or I must erase them again. So, this writing inspires me to sleep because I could clear my mind and I will wake up early tomorrow morning. Therefore I could go to school, finish my deadlines, and prepare myself for the conferences at night.


4 responses to this post.

  1. ha kerja apa u bu? hehehe


  2. 4 stars for the video you embedded,2 for your writing hehhehe ….sorry
    but well done for you and your priority scale.not like me…i just do what i want to do though it’s not important at all,but i believe prudentia dei


  3. But I adore people who spend times with their hobbies and tasks or just relaxed by sleep. it’s better than doing nothing such as…watching sinetron?


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