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Newest Presentation about Enhanced Ebooks


Figuring Out My Mind

It’s eleven in the night and I decided I couldn’t work tonight. Even though usually I could pace my writing until the time pass midnight, but it doesn’t same this time. I’m a little bit tired, not because I’m just arrived home but because I demand something else. I want to do what I want. I think it’s quite a simple request, but it won’t be simple if you don’t know what you want. That’s the problem.

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Walk It Out Wii – For A Healthier Me!

I’m so glad to find the Wii Walk It Out and now I’m playing it as a daily routine. Just like most people in this world, I love to walk around. But unfortunately the scenery is not always nice. I’m living in the middle of place where juvenile delinquencies happen everyday. It’s not nice but I have to find the ways to make myself a healthier person, in my way. Writing all day is just not something that will make me healthy, so I’m very lucky to find this game! It’s so surprising because I found this game accidentally in the store.

The idea is quite brilliant. The Walk It Out (usually called WIO by the fans) gives everybody a chance to walk in accordance with the tune. To collect chips, you must walk to the rhythm. Those chips are very powerful because you could purchase various objects and songs pieces thoughout the island. There are cars, hotels, buildings, trees, bridges, and lots of the others.

It’s fun because it’s a different experience when you walking on different time. It’s not only the matter of the light, but it’s also about the objects. Many various songs just could be found on a particular time but there is also a magic time which enables you to walk at any time you want so you don’t have to walk in the middle of midnight just for hunting some new objects.

Check out the awesome trailer! As you see, with just a nunchuk and the remote, you could walk throughout the island! Come get healthier with me!

Internet Problem Resolved!


Finally my internet problem has resolved. Since tomorrow I could do my daily post and routine again! Yay. As A Featured Blog!

There is another surprising achievement by because today, it has been appearing as Featured Blog for the tag: A Source of Power. You could see the page from WordPress here: Blogs About: A Source of Power.

As you see, it’s actually about a post I made around 5 days ago: The Power of YOUR Feet: Piezoelectricity and Conquering Water. I don’t really know how WordPress could rate me as a featured blog (I don’t even register anything!) but, thank you very much WordPress! Here, I attach the screenshot or you could see the page from the link above or click the picture below. : A Fresh Beginning For The Love of Reading


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Congratulations For Myself!

"congratulations"Keeping up with consistency might sounds so difficult if you are talking about me. Yeah, I must admit that I have been struggling to keep the daily posts for the entire 2 weeks! Today is the brand new day of the month and after 2 weeks of consecutive posts, I think now I could handle one entire month!

While having lots of works and deadlines I have to work on, sometimes I couldn’t write a lot. But, for those who are traveling through this site or even reading my posts, I would like to thank you all. This is not the end of the struggle but the new beginning. So, congratulation for me! And I hope I could improve the quality of the posts for this site. Keep living on your dreams!