After A While…

After a (long time, actually), I write again at this blog.. Yep, honestly, this isn’t my favourite blog coz I post all my writing (especially essays and some journalistic pieces) at and I post all my poems and stories at

Well, I think I’ll share some thoughts here.. In my poor English, and here we go..

There is no perfect life, yes, I know that. But (there’s always a word ‘but’, I wonder why?) I want to make it perfect. I don’t want to let my family down. Even if their goals higher than mine.

I am a lazy person, that’s for sure. For the easiest example, I wake up this morning at 01.00 P.M. And I had a weirdo dream. I will tell you before I forgot, okhay?

What I remember from my dream is I walk together (I don’t know with who I’m walking). And in my right, there’s many grave–looks like it’s still wet, like someone’s just buried in there, there’s no flowers in top of it, and it’s just like a mound. The one who I’m walking with keep saying some amazement words and say many popular names for every mound we met alongside that road.

Suddenly we met a person walking toward us, not a human I mean, like a skeleton, like My Chemical Romance’s icon, you know? Well, I felt a weird feeling and decided to keep walking.. When he finally passed me, he called my name and my hometown too–looks like he feel surprise when realise that it was me. And the picture of my dream dissolve.

Then the picture become clear again and I realised that the skeleton standing in front of me. It’s the end of the road that I walking at the first part, and there’s a old building–like the one you’ll meet in American horor movies in the middle of a field. Well, there’s a single slot with no mound on it. He said that I’ll rest there when the time come. I felt confused, well a little bit happy maybe, coz I’ll rest beside important and popular person (like somebody who walked with me in first part told me so). He said one number: 39, and then he said that he’s kidding. Then the picture disolve again and….

I wake up at one in the afternoon… Well, it’s a long dream, I guess.


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