My Portable Reader System (PRS-500)

I received a Portable Reader System from Sony as my birthday present from my parents and my sister. Actually I asked them to buy it for me because my sisters and my dad didn’t allow me to buy it, they said that it’s useless. Only my mom that agreed to buy it for me. Altough, she thought that it’s an useless item too! Well, she always makes me happy. She always gives me anything that I wanted. Not all of it but almost.

However, I can’t buy it here because it’s not sell outside US. As soon as my mom agreed to buy it for me, I called my sister (who lives there) and told her about that gadget. Again, my eldest sister thought it’s useless too!! Anyway, she bought it for me. I told her that I’ll give her the money as soon as possible after she arrive at Indonesia but… Guess what? She’ve paid it for me and I don’t need pay her! Tee-hee… So I got it for free!

Not long after she arrived, she gave it to me then I ran to my room, and I tried it out! It was so cool and awesome! It was trully amazing 350 bucks gadget, with E-ink technology, paper-like display. I don’t need to include its specification in this article because you can browse it yourself at google (keyword : sony ebook reader) if you want to know more about it. If you’re a book-lover person, you will love this one! Plus, there’s a special offer if you purchase it before 31 July 2007, free credit at Sony Connect E-book Store ($150)! Err… Because now it’s very close to 31th July so I think you can’t get that offer. Lucky me, I can use that credit until 31 August 2007. So I’m really happy right now..


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  1. Posted by Promy on May 23, 2010 at 8:38 am

    I am calling my brother for this.


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